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Symbol: MOON


Difficulty re-target time: 8 hours

Pre-mining: 0


Gradual reward reduce

Block time: 90 Seconds

Inflation <1 percent annually

Rewards decrease gradually every 100'000 blocks:

Blocks 1,100,000-1,199,999 Reward: 17906

Blocks 1,200,000-1,249,999 Reward: 16414

Blocks 1,250,000-1,299,999 Reward: 4847

Blocks 1,300,000-1,399,999 Reward: 4474


Smart Likes
Decentralized Platform



Like and earn! Something alternate to investing?

Imagine: instead of investing, researching companies and markets,

you can just like a thing and earn, if other people like what you have liked.

Be the first to like the best things on this earth!



Wait... may I like Mount Everest, pizza, or Bitcoin -
and benefit, if other people like it in the future?

Sure, also you can like Van Gogh's Starry Night, The Odyssey by Homer, Neuschwanstein Castle, The Bounty Islands and millions of other amazing things.



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